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Hello, my name is Tim Nyman. I'm a Creative Director, Multimedia Designer, Front-End Developer and Video Producer with a 15-year track record of delivering results—across all channels, online and off.

Here’s what I bring to the table:
  • an eye for detail
  • a head for strategic thinking
  • a portfolio of award-winning work acknowledged for moving markets and generating revenues
  • a proven ability to lead, drive process and deliver fresh solutions
  • a passion for team enterprises, for working with the writers, artists and professionals who whip fleeting ideas into full-fledged concepts



A college job in a print shop introduced me to the behind-the-scenes miracles that bring publications to life. I knew then I wanted to be a part of this dynamic process.

Next stop: a design and project management gig that helped me learn how to serve client needs—within budget and with deadlines in mind. A subsequent post at an advertising agency introduced me to the delights and demands of web design.

The workout continued at my next job at the University of Denver, where I served as an art director and creative manager in the institution’s in-house creative services agency. There, I mentored younger designers and worked with high-performing teams to recruit students, raise funds and support a well-known brand. 


From my earliest experiences as an html front-end designer, I was romanced by the web’s potential. I worked for a short time as a flash designer for Warrior athletics equipment at Vivid Design and Engrain. Since then, I’ve been developing user-friendly websites using the best content-management programs, html and CSS 3 practices.

With experience with E-commerce complete with A/B testing, analytics/metrics along with savvy awareness in the psychology of UX design leading to a buyers experience with an outcome increasing the companies bottom-line.


While part of the team at Blue Fusion, a Denver-based print-, web- and video-production company, I discovered a passion for the moving image. Ours was a small shop, so I learned how to direct, produce, edit and create animated graphics. Using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Cinema 4D, I worked on web and television projects that shared important stories. Long form video sales video graphics for E-commerce at my most recent position. My portfolio includes everything from a PBS environmental show and numerous television pitch packages to two poker main event shows.


Employment Experience top-arrow


2013 - present

Agency/Creative Director

  • Company:RealDose Nutrition
  • Company Activity Field
  • Currently acting as Agency Director and Creative Director leading the creative teams initiatives to produce video sales letters, online ad campaigns, supporting print pieces with design and direction, and overall management of the inhouse creative team/services.
  • Responsibilities
  • Managing day-to-day operations for the marketing department.
  • Managing all creative projects including web, print and video.
  • Supervising creatives and the production team.
  • Liaison between the RealDose founding partners and the marketing department.
  • With a very hands on approach designing, producing and directing projects.

2012 - 2013

Freelance Creative Director

  • Specializing in print, web and video projects, I assemble and lead results-focused creative teams. Our clients expect—and get—concepts that resonate with target audiences and projects that are delivered on time and on budget.


2009 -2012

Principal/Chief Creative Officer/Creative Director

  • Company:Blue Fusion Inc.
  • Company Activity Field
  • Oversaw the evolution of Blue Fusion from a small consulting firm to a full media agency producing print, web and video projects, including six television show concepts, for a diverse array of clients.
  • Responsibilities
  • Charged with ensuring smooth execution of all day-to-day creative operations.
  • Managed all client and in-house projects.
  • Supervised and mentored teams of designers, editors, videographers and interns.
  • Served as executive producer on video productions.

2002 - 2006

Creative Manager/Art Director at University of Denver

  • Department:Marketing and Creative Services
  • Responsibilities
  • Led and mentored a team of designers and interns; provided creative direction for their projects.
  • Developed creative briefs for marketing campaigns.
  • Formulated bid requests for complex print projects.
  • Shepherded publications from concept development through production and printing, with responsibility for everything from paper and printer selection to press checks.
  • Carried a significant project load, executing as many as 15 projects any given time.
  • Developed a sustained comprehensive marketing package (posters, billboards, advertisements, brochures) for the Department of Athletics and its 17 varsity teams.
  • Provided brand identity maintenance for various sub-brands within the institution.
  • Maintained the department’s server, with responsibility for archiving projects.
  • Administered acquisition and maintenance of the department’s software and hardware; provided tech support as needed.

Education top-arrow


1993 - 1998

Gustavus Adolphus College

Bachelor of Arts

St. Peter, Minnesota



2006 - ongoing

University of Denver

Digital Media Studies

Denver, Colorado



Professional Skills top-arrow

Print Design

Adobe Creative Suite CS 6

Web Design/Development

CMS - WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

Video Production

Final Cut
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Cinema 4D


Microsoft Office
Mac OSX Server

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